Adopt an op

Here’s a modest proposal: a program to pair up individual OpenStack developers with OpenStack operators to encourage better information flow from ops to devs.

Heres’s how it might work. Operators with production OpenStack deployments would indicate that they would be willing to occasionally host a developer. The participating OpenStack developer would travel to the operator’s site for, say, a day or two, and shadow the operator. The dev would observe things like the kinds of maintenance tasks the op was doing, the kinds of tools they were using to do so, and so on.

After the visit was complete, the dev would write up and publish a report about what they learned, focusing in particular on observed pain points and any surprises that the dev encountered about what the operator did and how they did it. Finally, the dev would submit any relevant usability or other bugs to the relevant projects.

You could call it “Adopt an Op”. Although “Adopt a Dev” is probably more accurate, I think that the emphasis should be on the devs coming to the ops.