StaffEng podcast

I had fun being a guest on the StaffEng podcast.

Alex Kessinger (Stitch Fix) and David Noël-Romas (Stripe) StaffEng

This episode is a celebration of the journey we have been on as this podcast comes to a close. We have had such a great time bringing you these interviews and we are excited about a new chapter, taking the lessons we have learned forward into different spaces. It's been a lot of work putting this show together, but it has also been such a pleasure doing it. And, as we all know, nothing good lasts forever! So to close the circle in a sense, we decided to host a conversation between the two of us where we interview each other as we have with our guests in the past, talking about mentorship, resources, coding as a leader, and much more! We also get into some of our thoughts on continuous delivery, prioritizing work, our backgrounds in engineering, and how to handle disagreements.  As we enter new phases in our lives, we want to thank everyone for tuning in and supporting us and we hope to reconnect with you all in the future!LinksDavid Noël-Romas on TwitterAlex Kessinger on TwitterStitch FixStripeJavaScript: The Good PartsDouglas CrockfordMonkeybrainsKill It With FireTrillion Dollar CoachMartha AcostaEtsy Debriefing Facilitation GuideHigh Output Management How to Win Friends & Influence PeopleInfluence
  1. Alex Kessinger (Stitch Fix) and David Noël-Romas (Stripe)
  2. Peter Stout (Netflix)
  3. James Cowling (Convex)
  4. Bryan Berg (Stripe)
  5. Ben Ilegbodu (Stitch Fix)

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