Software Misadventures Podcast

I was recently a guest on the Software Misadventures Podcast.

Bruno Connelly – Building and leading the global SRE org at LinkedIn – #14 Software Misadventures

Bruno Connelly is a VP of Engineering at LinkedIn. He leads the Site Engineering org responsible for LinkedIn's production infrastructure. He joins the show to talk about his journey in tech – from teaching himself how to code at a young age, building, maintaining and reverse engineering software as a teenager, building ISPs in the early part of his career (there are some fun stories that involve sleeping in the data center) to leading the SRE org at LinkedIn over the last decade. He talks about the early days at LinkedIn that involved a lot of firefighting to keep the site up, how the team built technical stability and scaled the platform. We also dive into how he grew the SRE org globally and overcame challenges that came with the growth. Throughout the conversation, he shares various nuggets of wisdom – like how to stay calm under pressure and how to make people feel at ease – as he describes his leadership style, people who have influenced him and what he thinks is a positive way to collaborate with people.   Website link:   Music Credits: Vlad Gluschenko — Forest License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported:
  1. Bruno Connelly – Building and leading the global SRE org at LinkedIn – #14
  2. Lorin Hochstein – On how Netflix learns from incidents, software as socio-technical systems, writing persuasively and more – #13
  3. Spoons (Daniel Spoonhower) – On building Lightstep, being customer focused, developing systems at Google scale and much more – #12
  4. Emmanuel Ameisen – On production ML at Stripe scale, leading 100+ ML projects, iterating fast, and much more – #11
  5. Todd Underwood – On lessons from running ML systems at Google for a decade, what it takes to be a ML SRE, challenges with generalized ML platforms and much more – #10

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